MERCURE Bilbao Jardines de Albia Promotions and Special Prices

The hospitality industry maximise it's revenues the same way that the airline industry does. This is why one day we might be selling at 100€, and the next 140€. We also open and close access to promotions depending on the seasons and the demand.
The main promotions that are most likely available on our website, as well as Accor or Mercure websites are the following:
PARK & SLEEP: This non-refundable offer includes parking spot in our own parking (the entrance is on Calle Uribitarte), and a discount on the normal flexible rate. Overall a great deal if you're driving. Limited availability.
THE NON REFUNDABLE RATE: 15% discount base on the standard rate (the one that fluctuates from one day to the other), available at least with 1 days in advance, it's only inconvenient is that it isn't refundable.
THE EARLY BIRD OFFER: now that's a bargain! 30% discount on the standard rate, if you book at least 30 days in advance - Beware: this promotion is also non refundable.
BEWARE: The non refundable condition means that once you've booked it, we will charge your credit card for 100% of your stay, and will not return any of it in case of cancellation.

Our policy is that our oficial website should always provide you with the best rate. Check out our Best Rate Guarantee.
The rest of our terms and conditions are unchanged.